Preparing for a profitable career?

Congratulations!  Here are some powerful first steps for you as an entrepreneur as you embark upon owning your own business.

Growing the business doesn’t depend totally on what you do ‘behind the scenes,’ but…

…how a leader manages the commitment to business fundamentals can definitely propel –or hinder–progress.
If you’re intending to develop asset income, that can pay consistently for decades, here are some things to set up:

What is your vision for your business?

Use this investment to expand starter products and tools. For training and events. For personal development and education.

  • Separate your business money. Set up a separate checking account. Fund this account.
    What if you commit $1000. — for complete product supply at home. Use the special packages available for new Ambassadors

  • or $2000. — Have funds in invest in training, travel to major events, etc.

  • or $3000 — to properly set up for a real business. Legal structure. Keeping separate financial records, etc.

  • Or at least start with your first bonus check.

  • Set up accounting for the business. Quickbooks. Quicken. Whatever works best. You’ll be happy you started off right.
    The famous question: If you don’t have time to do it right in the right place, when will you have time to do it over?

Plan to invest in career education.

    • Enroll in  This modest annual investment ($129?) will provide Shaklee-specific education and strategies on developing a six-figure income as Master Coordinator. On activating the “Four Year Career.” On having access to mentoring by Shaklee Presidential Master Coordinator K Sow, who has developed nearly 100 Shaklee Master Coordinators.
    • Ask about some good resources on the new profession:  GoPro Book
    • Ask about tapping in to outside training. I specifically recommend Richard Brooke. Talk with your mentor about this. It’s a treasure.
    • Discuss other resources with your leaders.

Set up a file for yourself in Evernote or One Note — or wherever you keep permanent notes. Make notes on each segment of these resources as you read and listen. Plan to return to these segments repeatedly— along with the additional resources available with the programs. Your goal: know them so well you can teach them.

Some fundamental tools:

Glad you’ve decided to partner with us. We have a journey of a lifetime together ahead of us.

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