Preparing a profitable career, or celebrating your appointment as Director? Congratulations!  This is a powerful first step in owning your own business.

Growing the business doesn’t depend totally on what you do ‘behind the scenes.’  But how a leader manages the commitment to business fundamentals can definitely hinder progress. Here are some things to set up:

  • Separate your business money. Set up a separate checking account. Start with your first bonus check. Fund this account. Ideally commit $1000. or $2000. or $3000. What is your vision for your business? Use this investment to expand starter products and tools. For training and events. For personal development and education.

  • Plan to invest in career education.

    • Subscribe to Shaklee 90-Day Run to Momentum.with Richard Brooke. ($97.) This is a lifetime of priceless education on the profession of Network Marketing. Don’t think about digesting this all at once….We’ll guide you segment by segment on where to focus.
    • Enroll in  This $99 investment will provide Shaklee-specific education and strategies on developing a six-figure income as Master Coordinator. Activating the “Four Year Career.”
    • For a model of simply ways to present different product segments, enroll in There are several simple presentations you can use online or in person. They can not only be used by you right away but provide a role model for everyone new who’s following you.
    • Discuss other resources with your leaders.
  • Set up a file for yourself in Evernote — or wherever you keep permanent notes. Make notes on each segment of these resources as you read and listen. Plan to return to these segments repeatedly— along with the additional resources available with the programs — until you know them so well you can teach them.
  • Some fundamental tools:
  • Permanent Resources

    • Mission Booklet – Inspire your own personal vision and mission

    • Reflections on a Philosophy – Classic from Dr. Shaklee

    • A Study Course in Nutrition. Dr. Shaklee’s classic.
  • Educate yourself on tax benefits of having a businesses.

    • Learning tax law can empower you and prospectively provide cash flow.

    • Understanding tax benefits can be a powerful opening with certain people to take a look at the business. This link gives great resources to start the learning process. Register for the intro webinar, introduced by Charlene Fike & Ray Madorin, get a free intro booklet, and tap into one of the most prospectively valuable reasons for creating a long-term business.

  • Product Tools — Refer to “Be Prepared for your Customers”