What’s the Number One reason people don’t choose to pursue the earning opportunity side of Shaklee?  They may have some (unfortunately incomplete or misdirected) negative misinformation about, or they simply don’t understand, the profession of Network Marketing.


*The Shaklee company has an impeccable 66+ year track record
*The profession of Network Marketing is a globally recognized model of product distribution for independent business-owner entrepreneurs
*There are some unfortunate examples of players whose methods have reflected badly on the legitimacy of the profession.
      Note: there also are some lawyers and roofers and auto sales people whose reputations have brought out ridicule and questions about their professions.
*Trust, personal testimonies, and word-of-mouth advertising are acknowledged to be the most effective form of marketing.

Sorting out facts and misleading information for yourself is a key step as you consider exploring a future as a Shaklee Ambassador & Business owner. 
Please don’t skip this step.  

How to use the 4YC Book:

Go here to obtain personal copies of the Shaklee Masters Edition of the Four Year Career.

For more business development topics, follow www.CareerWithAConscience.com/blog.

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