Career with a Conscience


My name is Carolyn Wightman,

and this is my story of how a couple of concentrated eco-friendly cleaning products literally altered the direction of my life.

I was visiting my parents on a long weekend and in the process of doing the dishes and laundry they cautioned me “Don’t use too much! They’re concentrated! More is not better!” When I heard the terms ‘eco-friendly products that didn’t pollute,’ those words got my attention because I’d recently returned from living in the South Pacific with the Peace Corps and now I lived with smog alerts and tap water you didn’t want to drink. So when I asked where I could get these products the response? “I think it’s a door to door business and I don’t know who’s in your area.”

That didn’t paint a very attractive picture – but it turned out my suppliers and new mentors were classy, and savvy stockbrokers who lived in THE Beverly Hills. Hmmmm.
They introduced me to the full product line.

My Results? I lost my cravings for carbs, I could sustain longer workouts without having that ‘crash’ in the middle of the afternoon. Decades later still no prescription Rx.

So how did that become a business career?
At that time in my 20’s I was in career transition. With a college degree and some travel behind me, I was wondering if I’d go to law school or business school. I knew some things I did NOT want – like being stuck in an office, or commuting twice a day in gridlock traffic. So when my mentors took me to a Shaklee business meeting, and when the unimpressive speaker said he was making twice what I had made when I was working on Capitol Hill in Washington, well, I looked at him and said ‘if HE can do that, I ought to be able to do HALF that.’

So I jumped in. Within the next 3-4 years I introduced people who lived all over and I had to travel to them on money I didn’t have. Without any role models on ‘HOW to do the business’ we relied on simply authentically telling our story.

The results?
For decades we’ve enjoyed consistent 6-figure income from building teams that shared our mission, and from developing the income-producing ASSET that pays us even if we’re not working every day because the customers continue to use products month after month and year after year.

Lifestyle? We never missed a school event with family, our son got his first passport when he was 2 weeks old and for years we’ve traveled the world together doing things like diving the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, skiing in New Zealand, and dining in European palaces.

What’s now? We are Paying it Forward – and committed to expanding our legacy. To show ANYONE who thought they had a career dead end, as I did, that there are other ways to earn $$ — and that in doing so we get to keep the planet cleaner and our families healthier.

If these are missions that inspire you also, Reach out and let’s explore together. We specialize in working with people who are SMART and BUSY.
Our Career with a Conscience lets us be part of the Solution, not part of the problem.

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“We believe…if we’re not part of the solution…we’re part of the problem.”

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