In every step of life’s journey we get to be challenged to continue to improve.

While we’re in a school-time of life, we have classmates and vocabulary and courses and new experiences.
In any sports or fitness routine, there’s the challenge to continue to add strength or weights or speed.
In the military there is basic and skills training.

And then there’s LIFE! Oops, somehow the skills training is phased out. What that can look like is taking the skills from ‘growing up’ and just continuing to apply them in a changing world and with increasing challenges of family relationships & new work environments.  And just plain ‘who do I want to be when I Grow up.’

Most of the time that means we’re handling adult life with skills that maxed out when we were younger and in a different phase of life. And the tools we want for adult life don’t match what we used in growing up.

It’s said that we become most like the five people we spend the most time with. So if perchance our growing up family or world isn’t who we want to be as we take on new lives then we get to look for some new mentors.

Enter Self Education. Personal Development.  Yes. Daily. Yes, for life. And the bigger the challenges we take on and the more we intend to achieve the more Self Education is fundamental.

Question: how do you like to get your information?

Audio? From your phone? While you’re driving? In your pocket while you’re on projects? In bed as you fall asleep and wake up?
Videos with some graphics and real people interactions?

Here’s a simple place to start.  Then go to YouTube. Put in Tony Robbins. Or Jim Rohn. Or Brene Brown. Or Louise Hay. Or Wayne Dyer. Or Carolyn Myss. Or Bob Proctor. Or Les Brown. Or Simon Sinek. Or Think & Grow Rich. Or Good to Great. Or the Magic of Believing. Or…Or…Or… You’ll find a wealth of great resources. And one will probably lead you to another. Find a style you can relate to. Plug into it. And then make a daily commitment that listening or reading one of these many resources is part of your routine.

What new Mentors are you bringing into your life? Be powerful! Keep growing and learning. And pass along your new insights to everyone with whom you connect.

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