Your appointment as Director is the first step in Leadership as a Business Owner.

Privileges & Benefits

Your immediate financial benefits

  1. As a fully qualified Business Leader you’re now entitled to purchase your products at the Director Price (DP.)
  2. This means you’ll also be entitled to the Pricing Profits of the difference between your DP purchase price & the MN price for the rest of your group.  This can be an extra 10 – 15%.
    (Note: in the event you do not maintain full Director qualification, your pricing will return to MN.)
  3. You’ll be entitled to the highest percentage of bonus (20%) on purchases of your entire business group (PGV.)

You’ll be able to more fully manage the activities of your own business group.

  • You can fully access the accounts of your members and assist them in placing their orders.
    Check permission to ‘Access Account.’
  • You can put gifts into the carts of your Members.
  • You can arrange for full access to the dates and contents of Loyalty orders so you give the best customer service.
    We suggest you give the login information of your personal Shaklee backoffice to the leader who appointed you.
    This way they can continue to access your account as you transition, and they can continue to support you with your Members as you take on Leadership.

YOUR bonus check will now be issued by Shaklee Corporation.

Generally that’s on Direct Deposit by the 15th of the following month.
Make sure you have that set up.
And, as you look at separating your business income, be sure to change the Direct Deposit.
See “Are you treating it like a real business?”

You can be eligible for an increased range of benefits, including…

  • Travel incentives that are exclusively for Business Leaders and above
  • Incentives for rank increase
  • Car allowance you can qualify for as you expand the leader teams in your group
  • Access to substantial cash incentives — like the $20K Project — as you expand the leader teams in your group.
    Do your homework and put these qualification requirements in front of you.

Privileges partner with new Responsibilities…

…so let’s take a look.

Plan to continue actively focusing on expanding your business. Both consumers and prospective partners.

This is the “Taking Off” part of the business, and your momentum and consistency are key elements to launching into Business Ownership.
You wouldn’t start any other business, work to get the doors open, and not expect to be actively engaged in launching it.

By the way, keep an eye out on the month-end bonus categories of those in your own group.
Some of them may be your own best future leaders.

Are you working with your Sponsor to now be sure your team is getting their bonuses each month?
YOU get to enjoy the privilege of paying them, so everyone is clear they don’t come from ‘the company’ — they come from You.

Note:  this relatively small activity may seem like a nuisance. (i.e. ‘let the company do it.)
Our long time experience says the minimum time it takes you, as the leader, to do these, pays off royally.
You get hands-on handle on your business.
They learn the bonuses come from you.
If they receive a check from the company, they don’t see that the amount has been deducted from your own bonus.
And ask about more benefits of taking on this small responsibility.

Your intention is to permanently maintain your rank as Director, with the minimum of 2000 PV each month*.

We suggest: don’t be thinking of these minimums.
In fact, experience says that long term business commitments and Director appointments most dependably begin with more than the minimum.  i.e. 2500-3000 PV .
Great target: Plan to attain the first 2000 PV by the 15th of the month.

*Yes, there are special occasions for ‘grace months,’ but they can impact your income and also can potentially jeopardize some qualifications and other benefits.
Don’t count on them.

By all means create a target of minimum of 3000 PV of active consumers per month.

  • With minimum 3000 PV your income will be @ $1000/month.
  • With minimum of 3000 PV you will not be dealing with brinksmanship at the close of every month.
  • Your objectives are to continue to develop this PGV, in anticipation of breaking out other new leaders in your group — and not leaving you without your own base volume covered.

Congratulations. Welcome to the first step in leadership.

Your next target is Senior Coordinator. 

See also “Business Leaders — the “Responsibilities” part”
See also “Are you treating it like a real business?

Welcome to being a business owner and proud brand partner.


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