Are you doing the business alone? or are you inviting others to join you?

A solo business can be pretty lonely.
And also pretty frustrating.
And sometimes exhausting.
In this video, Presidential Master Coordinator Shawn Gray uses analogies on ‘fishing for partners.”

His wisdom — from 20+ years experience across the globe — and his suggestions are so simple and so powerful..
We suggest you simply listen and relisten and relisten to these simple, authentic ideas.

Update his invitation to refer to ‘travel to Mexico’ and “$20K in 2022.”

In the Leader Development Circle, this is Step #3 – “Partners.” Reaching out to introduce your project. 

And the impact is ‘addition’ (and subtraction) rather than Multiplying.

Multiplication means inviting others to join in.
And while those invitations may well begin with creating value and trust from the products,
It is the earning possibilities that open the doors to expanding the impact and the contribution — and the income. 

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