Whether or not you’ve been a lifetime entrepreneur — or, more likely, you’ve grown up as an employee or self-employed — here is “keeper” resource in your business journey. Understand these Cash Flow Quadrants and the ‘thinking’ that is different in each one. Even if you’re an A+ Entrepreneur in your thinking, you can be absolutely certainly that likely 90% of the people you encounter will not think as entrepreneurs.

For wisdom from Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki, get ahold of his book or audio book. Understand the Cash Flow Quadrants. This is powerful education for entrepreneurs.
And here’s a powerful video to reaffirm: Power of the Entrepreneur.

Here’s some of Robert’s simple wisdom.

Note: Does this remind you of Thoughtsmanship from Dr. Shaklee? or Reflections on a Philosophy from Dr. Shaklee?
That we’re impacted by how we think?

“Positive thoughts bring about positive results.”
“Don’t say you can’t… because you can.”

My poor dad would always say, “I can’t afford it!”
My rich dad, on the other hand, forbade me from saying, “I can’t afford it!” and challenged me to ask instead, “How can I afford it?”

The word “can’t” closes your mind, while the phrase “How can I?” opens your mind.

If you want to master this simple concept, keep an empty jar in your home and every time you hear yourself say, “I can’t afford it,” put a dollar in the jar.

You’ll either change your words and thus your thoughts, or… you’ll have found a new way to save money.”

Here’s to creating your opportunity,

See also Life in the S Quadrant. 

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