Insights for the new year 2020.

As we reflect on the powerful leadership examples Richard Brooke has given to us — with 90-Days to Momentum, and Live in Chicago, and the workshop that followed — I have 2 observations:

1) We in Shaklee were READY to take on leadership. People were READY in our hearts, and 850+ enrolled in Richard’s powerful –and timeless — 90-Day program. 300+ came to 2 days live in Chicago, and hundreds followed through with the March online workshop.

One thing we weren’t prepared for right after Chicago in December was the January 2019 extraordinary disruptions of bringing the new Shaklee website online. Yes, it was needed. But the disruptions socked everyone’s momentum in the gut, and I think even many months later we’re still recovering. Here’s the other important piece.

2) What we weren’t ready for was having specific & clear steps in place on how to ‘Shakleeize” all we learned from Richard. Mixed messages and incentives. Too much confusion.

Now it’s time.

With, Roland and team have taken very specific steps in ‘Shakleeizing’ our understanding of our comp plan and its value. Now, partnering with Dr. K Sow, Shaklee Presidential Master in Malaysia, we’re ‘shakleeizing’ the business development process on his model. He’s built nearly 100 — yes ONE HUNDRED — Shaklee Master Coordinators, and he’s coaching and guiding those in MCMentors. This isn’t an outsider. It’s nearly ONE HUNDRED SHAKLEE MASTERS he’s built.

His business process begins with understanding the Shaklee Philosophy & Culture. Dr. Shaklee. Our Mission.
And we continue with understanding up front the power of the business model: Network Marketing. The Four Year Career special Shaklee Masters Edition.

Now look for a NEW announcement. Save the date of August 9, right after Orlando Conference. Dr. K Sow will do for us a special workshop on “Developing Shaklee Presidential Master Coordinators.” Details are being developed. Important is to plan your travel and hotel accommodations to be available for this powerful additional day in Orlando.

Hey, is it worth $20K for an extra day?? Stay tuned for details as they develop.

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