Going in to business requires two things before you start

  1. Why you’re doing it

    • What are the objectives. Is this a short term idea or a long term objective?

    • What does it take to accomplish the objectives

  2. Making the decision that it’s a business

    • Understanding the rules

    • Knowing the values & benefits


Here are four simple pathways to introducing products and business


The core of the Shaklee business, creating the long term asset income from customers who thrive on the products and literally use them for life

  • Immediate Profitability: Good to minimal — depending on the package used to introduce

  • Most effective with commitment to consistent connection and follow thru with the customer, particularly at the beginning, to solidify positive benefits.


Skin Care — Youth

  • Immediate Profitability: Excellent.

  • Most effective with strong posture of presenting elite product line using the complete collection together.

  • May be most effective when investing in samples to reach those not in the daily


Go Green — Get Clean

  • Immediate Profitability: Minimal

  • May be simple conversation because everyone buys some kind of similar products


Sports & Fitness

  • Immediate profitability: Good

  • May appeal to men and young and active markets


Putting it together:

  • Pick at least TWO of these pathways. IF you’re prepared with them all, great.
  • Get clear on the packages. The prices. The tools you’ll want to have available — like links to different resources.
  • Pull out the profitability numbers on each package.
  • Then decide how many customers it takes monthly to earn $1000. And now many presentations or people connections it will take to accomplish this.


  • Review “Profitability”

  • Review each product category for the suggested steps.

  • Review “Why Retail”

  • Review “Membership & Distributor options”

Get started!

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