STAY SIMPLE to start!! If in your conversations you hear it’s appropriate, you can offer the Get Clean special. That’s in your soul and DNA.  How can we NOT want to protect our families and the planet?

Example:  “____________ (name) – you know how we both want to do what we can to protect our families and the Planet. IF I COULD…share with you what’s worked for our family for decades, WOULD YOU…like to check it out?  My special commitment for Earth Day this week.


(What are you concerned you’ll hear as a question?  Likely whatever you fear you’ll hear is what you’ll get…)  Like “how much is it?”  3 simple packages. No shipping costs. Not sure there’s a price breakdown online, but you can say “I’m so happy never to have to go down that smelly aisle in the grocery store, everything is concentrated and lasts me ages. I found cost per use is cheaper that schlepping stuff from the store. And…(one of the family) doesn’t itch from the sheets or their Tshirts.

“IF YOU WOULD LIKE…” to try it out, let me know.

It’s a gift you’re giving to them…

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