How to describe the ‘Channel’ of distribution of Shaklee Products…

 What’s in a name? Call it ‘social marketing’ or ‘relationship marketing’ or ‘word of mouth referral marketing…’ or whatever. Either way…

Shaklee rewards wth the compensation package of a Network Marketing company. If you’re not certain, look at the design of the compensation Dream Plan and what it rewards. Organizational development. For multi-generations. That’s what Network Marketing is.

With the strength of the Shaklee product line, there’s a blend of both methods of product distribution —because the Shaklee products stand on their own without having a connection with the earning opportunity. (Note–that’s not common to many other network marketing companies.)

 We ‘direct sell’ products to customers, and develop a strong base of consumers. The better our consumers are oriented to ‘the Shaklee Difference’ the more likely they are to become long-time customers, as so many leaders have proven with repeat customers who’ve been consistent for decades.

One of the things leadership and organizational development achieves is a strong customer base. Beginning with, say, 20 families. Being ‘Raving Fans’ of the products is a core component in creating a profitable Asset in producing business income for generations.

The math in Direct Selling is Addition — and commonly also Subtraction.

  • Addition: One customer at a time, with appreciation for their referrals and being word of mouth advertising. ‘Direct selling’ tends to respond short term to ‘specials’ and time-sensitive incentives.

  • Subtraction: Without personal relationships and clear and solid brand and product loyalty, ‘direct selling’ alone struggles to result in consistent long-term purchasing or groundwork for business development.

Network Marketing expands the growth possibilities by accessing Multiplication. By introducing not just products but also earning possibilities, growth isn’t simply linear. It can be in depth, where it can be far more lucrative. Developing business organizations taps in to multiplication. Now each additional independent business, in the process of organizational development (‘network marketing.’) results in customer development (‘direct sales.’) 

Network Marketing is a Multi BILLION$$$ (with a B) global profession tapping in to Multiplication.  

 Shaklee’s Dream Compensation Plan was introduced a decade ago to tap into this powerful method of network distribution, both for marketing product and for spreading the messages of the core values that Shaklee so powerfully and uniquely represents.

For more on the earnings model, see the Custom Four Year Career book – Masters Edition for Shaklee.

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