The big question! What does ‘having a business’ mean for you? What will it provide for you — and not just the dollars. How will it contribute to your life?

Here are things to look at: as you Get Started. And guess what will be the finale?

There will be 3 components to your having a thriving, balanced and successful business:

  1. Be a Raving Fan of the products.
    What does this look like? Go through your house and check all of the ‘Brand X’ that you’ve been accustomed to using — and make a commitment to replace it all with the Shaklee product. See “Which Products are you using” for some hints.. More on “Are you a Raving Fan?”

  2. Tell your story and recommend? This is a first step in developing your consumer base. Some may be ‘testing’ the products to consider joining you in developing a business. Some may be focused on immediate product results. Either way, this is how we get paid! People have to be consuming the products — and ideally they too will become raving fans and be willing to also tell their story and recommend. More on “Tell your story and recommend.”

  3. Invite other to ‘Take a Look’ at the earning possibilities. Share your personal ‘mission.’ Why are you doing this? Invite them to partner with you, so they too can bring to life their own personal mission. Draw out your business organization — even before you know who will fill the places — so you aren’t acting solo but are developing a team….PS You’re also modeling that this is what they will want to do. Listen to (Use if you do not have your own login ) or for open use. Invite others to “Take a Look.” (Use

    Now a key component: Begin TODAY with a commitment to your own personal development. You can start on Ted Talks and YouTube and pick some channels. Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Brene Brown, Jim Rohn, Wayne Dyer — whoever!! Find a style that you connect with, and commit at least once a day to tune in. The world is a very, very negative place, and until we commit to our own personal growth and education we will always be candidates for being dragged down.

Now MAKE A DECISION! The word ‘decision’ means to ‘cut off or kill any back door.’ No possibility of backing out. Now Start with WHY. Let’s get started….

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