As you embark on a path to leadership and to creating business income, here’s a test. If someone walks into your house and sees what you use for cleaning products, or if someone sees your toiletries in the hotel bathroom, will they only see Shaklee products?

Here are some good reasons for this example:

How can you promote or talk about something that you don’t use? If you were partnering with a clothing line that you couldn’t wear yourself that would be different. But Shaklee products are consumer products that everyone uses. If you’re a Raving Fan, you’ll be setting the example.

  • If you and your family are your best customers, look at how important that example is to your prospective business partners. If a first goal is to qualify as a Director — note, we say with 3000 points, not just the minimum 2000 — how many consuming families would that take? If customers begin with 50 points or 100 points periodically, it will be more tedious and will take more time and effort to consistently reach 3000+ points. What if, instead, all were 150 or 300 or 500+ point consumers? Note: it’s not uncommon for Shaklee Raving Fan Families to consistently use 400 – 800 points per month — for life! Note: this just substitutes purchases at the grocery story or other suppliers. And as a side benefit, everyone enjoys the extra bonus of consuming products you know to be SAFE and products that WORK.

How soon do I do this? As soon as you can. Move the Brand X off of your selves right away — or at least make a target to complete this ASAP. Watch the results as you speak from personal experience on everything you use. And watch the results in business growth.

When you legitimately begin a business, your first products purchased for testing and demonstration may be a complete business expense. Aha! a tax benefit for Shaklee-izing. Use this an an opportunity to review your tax education resources and check with your financial advisor.

Work with your sponsor/mentor to see if there are purchasing targets or packages that give special benefits as you get started.

What do I do with my ‘brand X’ products that I’m no longer using? Don’t throw them away!

  • Save some for display and demo. Display what you used to use — and now what are the replacements. You’ll be amazed at the examples you can show.

  • Donate them. There are so many organizations, or food banks, or thrift shops, that can value your contribution. And keep a record. Check with your tax advisor if this could be a tax deduction. At the very least, it can be a conversation starter on why you have replaced those products.

Set the example for everyone you know…and see the business develop long-term and lifetime customers. Do you have any idea the value of such customers over years and decades? THEY benefit, and so can you.

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