Wisdom: You may not qualify in the first few weeks of an incentive, but you can get a valuable head start. And you definitely can fail to qualify during the first few weeks simply because of not studying the rules and creating activities soon enough. So here’s summary and where to look.

Be prepared for the webinar with printed copies of these:

Cars, New Director’s Conference, Dream & Top Achievers Trips & Recognitions:

2020 Dream Incentive Quick Reference Guide
2019-2020 Incentive Booklet – Print this out, highlight, and keep in a working folder
Dream Plan Chart

Link to Laura Hostetler Webinar

February-June Cash Incentive “Live It-Share It”

PGV Incentives Feb – June 2019
Tracker for PGV IncentivesUse Member ID # with password Growth2019. with the Shaklee ID, you can track all members in your group.
Rick Seymour’s Simple Presentation on the current PV Incentives —

Slide Summary of incentives

Please work with your own business leader for specific suggestions on strategies to achieve each milestone.

To be most effective, also have your
✅Why and story
✅Goal board
✅Vision/dream board
✅What income you desire

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