Whether you consider yourself a casual Distributor or a future business owner with intentions of lifetime income, here are some simple steps to be prepared.

Use these Strategy Meeting Notes in your Planning session with your Mentor/Leader. As you clarify your objectives, together you can set up your next 90-Day Plan.

*Ask your Mentor/Leader to invite you to review the Member Orientation, and take good notes! You’ll be directing your own new consumers here, and you’ll want to remember where you found all the good information.

*Set up your Personal Website. You first few months were included at no additional cost with a new Distributorship. After that you’ll be billed $14.95 per month. Here’s a tutorial to walk you thru the steps. (@4 min.)

*Learn how to have all your communications attributed to you — meaning if someone follows a link you’ve sent them they will be tied to your personal ID. Here’s a tutorial (@ 2 min) on how to do this. Note: this link continues with various other tutorials.

To send online Product Guide attributed to you, open your personal website and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. Click on Online Catalog. Double check that when you send this link it shows your personal information at the end of the link. As long as it does, your Product Guide is then personalized to you. If it doesn’t, try adding those links — and test it incognito or on another computer that’s not logged in.

*To send a link to an individual product, follow this:

Don’t do this from PWS. Do it logged in from back office. 
To Share an item (Like the Prove It Challenge, or any Product) and have it directly attributed to yourself, here are the steps:
*Important* — LOG IN
Go to Shop
Find the Item you wish to share. For example, the Prove It Challenge.
On the product page is the ‘name’ of the product on the right hand side. Click “Copy Link” (Or share, that will give you other options to share the link)
Then you can paste the link where you like and it will be attributed directly to you.

Establish your Direct Deposit, so when bonuses are generated for Prove IT Challenges they can be deposited directly daily.  Shaklee.com – Me – Income.

Here are more extensive instructions step-by-step from the Shaklee website.

Welcome to Shaklee. We’re honored to have you as part of the extended Shaklee family, with loyal and consistent customers and business owners for more than six decades. Please reach out for some personal service. We’re here to be more than just a link on a website.

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